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2023 ESG Report

Mar 15, 2024

Newman Management Consulting sets new industry standard with comprehensive ESG Report

Newman Management Consulting (NMC) is proud to announce the release of its first-ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, showcasing the firm's unwavering commitment to sustainability, diversity, and ethical governance.

Environmental Excellence

NMC has set a new benchmark in environmental responsibility. The report outlines our CO2 and Greenhouse Gas baseline, highlighting our meticulous tracking procedures and commitment to meeting leading industry standards. Our comprehensive reporting, available biannually, reflects transparency and accountability. With policies already in place and a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2026, NMC is leading the way in sustainable business practices.

Social Impact Beyond Borders

NMC’s dedication to social responsibility is evident in the achievement of 100% women leadership representation. Our inclusive policies extend to physical accommodations for remote work and fully remote job opportunities, setting a precedent for the industry. The report underscores our commitment to pay equity and ambitious supplier diversity goals, with a pledge to spend 25% of our US supplier spend on certified diverse-owned businesses.

Ethical Governance at Its Core

Governance at NMC transcends compliance; it's an integral part of our core values. The ESG Report affirms our commitment to revisiting and updating policies annually, ensuring alignment with the highest ethical standards. As we enhance cybersecurity measures, NMC is not just meeting industry requirements; we're redefining ethical leadership in the consulting landscape.

A Different Standard for Management Consulting

Nicole Newman, Owner & Managing Director, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "This ESG Report is not just a reflection of what we've done but a commitment to what we will do. It sets a new standard for how management consulting firms can be ethical, sustainable, and diverse. NMC isn't just consulting; we're leading change in the industry."

This ESG Report marks a pivotal moment for NMC, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in responsible business practices. The report is now available on the NMC website, providing stakeholders, clients, and partners with insights into the company's commitment to environmental sustainability, social impact, and ethical governance.


About Newman Management Consulting (NMC)

Newman Management Consulting is a leading management consulting firm specializing in healthcare, with a commitment to ethical business practices, sustainability, and social responsibility. NMC offers tailored solutions in M&A, corporate strategy, and more, setting a new standard for excellence in the consulting industry.

2023 ESG Report Newman Management Consulting
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